As a T-shaped designer, my core superpowers are visual design and user research. I excel at crafting visually stunning interfaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. My deep understanding of user research enables me to uncover valuable insights, ensuring that the products I design truly resonate with users. With a broad skill set that spans across various domains, I bridge the gap between creativity and usability, delivering innovative solutions that exceed user expectations.

When I'm not designing, you can find me immersing myself in cinema, drawing inspiration from the storytelling and visual artistry that movies offer. Or you can find me reading a book, exploring new ideas and perspectives that fuel my creativity. I love to travel, explore museums, and spend time with my family.

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Work Experience


Austin, TX

UX Designer

Sep 2022 — Present
  • Collaborated with and represented the UX team in cross-functional meetings involving research, business, product, engineering, and marketing. Successfully redesigned and launched Digital Banking platforms across Android, iOS, and web.
  • Crafted high fidelity wireframes, app store previews, maintained and organized design systems, mentored interns and junior designers, facilitated weekly design reviews, led design thinking workshops, contributed to UX research strategy, conducted qualitative and quantitative research— including user interviews, information architecture testing, usability testing—and worked with engineering and QA for design implementation.


Austin, TX

Product Designer

Sep 2021 — Jun 2022
  • As the sole designer of a startup, led the redesign of Transmute’s Verifiable Data Platform— a released Web3 B2B platform leveraging blockchain technology. Developed end-to-end solutions to simplify highly technical workflows, improve user experience, expand product features.
  • Collaborated closely with the product team to refine user stories and crafted visually delightful high-fidelity wireframes, data visualizations, and rapid prototypes in Figma. Successfully engaged in cross-functional collaboration by presenting design solutions, leading qualitative research—including usability testing—and collaborating with engineering for seamless design implementation.


Houston, TX

Freelance Designer

Aug 2016 — Jun 2020
  • Crafted packaging graphics, logos, 3D models, motion graphics, and prototyped immersive augmented reality marketing experiences for clients such as BMW, Bud Light, and Denver Broncos.


“Rick was one of Transmute's earliest UX Design hires, and his contribution remains impactful and obvious in our first product. Rick navigated the challenges of designing for an emerging tech product with confidence, communicated his research, design and testing methodologies clearly - all while keeping the users' interests at the forefront!”

Karyl Fowler

CEO @ Transmute

“Rick is a superb UX Designer, design thinker, and all-around fantastic human and I'm grateful for every minute we spent hammering out solutions to tough UX problems. We worked closely together to reimagine our application from the ground up. His user testing analysis was critical at identifying areas of our application that cause user friction, and he did this amazing work on a cutting-edge, highly technical product. He picked up complex design problems quickly and was always at the ready to apply his UX experience and knowledge.”

Adam Lerner

Product Manager @ Transmute